Financial Management - for the Academy Profession Programme - exercises

Lone Hansen, Torben Rosenkilde Jensen , Morten Dalbøge

Forfattere: Lone Hansen, Torben Rosenkilde Jensen , Morten Dalbøge

These assignments supplement the textbook Financial Management for the Academic Profession Programme.

The assignments follow the same structure as the textbook, and provide students with theoretical and practical experience in the application of business economics models and methodology.

The accompanying website at hansreitzel.dk features examples of solutions and templates for some of the assignments in each chapter. The material takes the form of Excel files, which students can download and use.

The book contains a large number of assignments. Combined with the textbook and website, they facilitate a differentiated, dynamic and varied course of study that incorporates structured teaching, independent study and project work.

Each chapter concludes with multiple-choice questions that test the students’ understanding of its core concepts.

The assignments are assigned a star rating that reflects the degree of difficulty – one star for the easiest, three for the most difficult.