International Business Law

Bjarke Tinten, Trine Lyneborg Krohn Schaldemose , Lotte Mohr Dupont-Mersing

Forfattere: Bjarke Tinten, Trine Lyneborg Krohn Schaldemose, Lotte Mohr Dupont-Mersing, Jane Haunstrup Bregner Carlsen , Lene Husted Frandsen

International Business Law focuses on the rules that govern the relationship between traders from two or more countries.

In recent years, it has become much easier for traders to enter agree­ments across borders. It is easy to market one’s product, negotiate, and conclude agreements in other countries without having to meet in person. Furthermore, trans­port and delivery no longer necessarily need to be complicated or costly.

International Business Law examins:

  • International sources of law and international dispute resolution
  • Private international law
  • International conclusion of contracts and sales
  • Sales and delivery
  • Intellectual property rights
  • International marketing and advertising
  • EU competition rules and the EU Services Directive
  • Methods of distribution
  • Securing the purchase price
  • Employment Law Issues

The target audience of the book are students on the PBA programs, especially the PBA in international sales and marketing management, but it will also be of interest to others.